The Secret of getting Hard of Hearing people to church

Minister of Hearing

Churches are always looking for a “do nothing” method of getting people to attend church. Great programs and Bible studies do not entice people to come by themselves. More activities, dinners, and sports do not seem to build regular attendance.

We are offering a service to a special needs group of people who do not have a place to go. There are more than 40,000 people in Hamilton County who suffer from hearing loss. Many of them are church dropouts, because they cannot hear the message clearly.

One out of every five Americans has a mild to moderate hearing loss and needs assistance to communicate. Here is a golden opportunity for every member to get involved to show you care.

The Access Church campus is the first full hearing accessible church anywhere. Many families in the church have someone who is hearing impaired. Everyone knows someone who would come if invited. Hand them a tract or brochure and tell them about the hearing devices, and the writing on the wall (captioning).

A religious poll was sent out to 10,000 church members that asking, “How did you get involved in the local church?

  • 3% just walked in
  • 6% pastor’s invitation
  • 3% special program
  • 1% a visit from the church
  • 5% an evangelistic crusade
  • 5% Sunday school program
  • 77% came by an invitation from a friend or relative[vfb id=1]

The hearing accessible ministry has an added reason to invite people to our church: friends who suffer hearing loss. We are focusing on a special needs group that has never been approached. They have been overlooked and ignored as a handicap and need special accommodation to hear the word of God clearly. Have compassion and invite someone today.

Share the blue invitation tract with your family, neighborhood, classmates, business associates, and social network. White Oak Baptist Church office 423-877-8551

By David M. Harrison, Minister of Hearing 423-624-1669