The Desire to Hear In Church

Your dream as a hard of hearing person is to hear and understand the message in church. You get tired of asking people to repeat facts that you missed.

In church you can’t understand much of the message, so you move toward the back of the congregation. You struggle to hear, and your hearing aids are not picking up the sound.

You feel frustrated and discouraged with sadness in your heart. You want to enjoy the sermon, but how can that happen? Where do I find a solution for my disability?

Complaining to your spouse or family members just leads to arguments and put downs. You need help to solve this problem. Should I purchase another hearing aid at a higher price? You don’t know where to go for help to find a solution for your hearing dilemma.

It hurts when you can’t hear what’s going on. You want to laugh with the audience when a joke is told without asking someone to interpret or repeat the punch line.

You ponder the thought of dropping out church and watching a service on TV. That is not the same as a live service with friendly people. Isolation is not a solution for any hard of hearing person. You deserve better than that: A hearing accessible ministry which offers assistive listening devices for anyone in need. There are other options that work for you.

Don’t let your dream die or give up hope. You will be able to hear the word of God.

Imagine yourself being able to hear and understand everything with confidence. Let My People Hear is in the ministry of establishing hearing centers in local churches for hard of hearing people.

We are working on a series of blog posts that deal specifically with making the church hearing accessible. There is hope for you. Stay tuned and learn.

Make hearing accessibility a matter of prayer for the millions who are hard of hearing. It is a vast mission field that needs help to hear.

Until the Trumpet Sounds: LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison, Advocate for Hearing Accessibility