Book Signing Event

Author David M. Harrison is launching an “I want to Hear Campaign” with his latest book: Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing.

It is time to activate the human rights issue concerning the 48 million Americans who suffer hearing loss. The book offers solutions to overcome the lack of hearing accessibility in the church and public venues. Hearing loss is an international human rights issue.

The event will be hearing accessible with an FM listening system for hard of hearing. The inductive loop is available for those who have a “T” switch in their hearing aid.

Harrison says, “No hard of hearing person should be deprived of the rights to hear the Word of God in church. When you deny hearing accessibility to one, you exclude all hard of hearing.”

At the age of 70, he concluded that there was little help for hard of hearing people. His only solution for the rest of his life was total seclusion or potential suicide. God in His wise counsel led him to spend fourteen days in prayer and fasting for wisdom. That plea “I Want to Hear” to God brought great victory and answers that changed his life.

The book, Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing answers the cry of “I Want to Hear” for the hundreds and thousands of hard of hearing around the country. Included in the book are twenty-one ways to communicate with hard of hearing without hearing aids.

Meet with the author and get your autographed copy.

For more information, Mr. Harrison can be reached on the cell 423-313-0304 (talk or text) or Home 423-779-1793. Email:

He is available to speak on the Human Rights Issue for the hard of hearing.