Are You Considering a Cochlear Implant?

Are you considering a Cochlear Implant?

If your hearing loss has gotten to the point where hearing aids are not helping, then you may want to consider an implant. This decision is a life-long commitment. For more information read, “Steps to a Cochlear Implant.)

Start with an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor to see if you qualify. You will be appointed to apply with a surgeon to do the operation. They are few and far between and you may have to travel some to your nearest doctor.

I spent a day at Vanderbilt University Hospital get my getting my cochlear implant adjusted. The activation date was Jan. 5, 2017. Now that I have worn the implant for three months, it needed a number of adjustments to improve hearing perception.

Dr. Sara C. Unrein, Cochlear Implant Audiologist, gave many brilliant tips on how to personally adjust to the implant for better hearing. The technology is amazing and incredible. The unit partners with the Phonic behind the ear hearing aid on the left side. One button can adjust both sides to a comfortable level.

The Tele’coil system works wonders when talking on the phone, hooking up to the computer, radio or FM system where ever I can plug in the cord.

If you live in the greater Chattanooga area, you can make visit with me. We are forming a Cochlear Ear Association in Chattanooga along with the Hear Now Café.  We have several wonderful audiologists available to ask questions. Workshops on Lip Reading will be scheduled in the fall.

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Until the Trumpet Sounds: LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison, Hearing Loss Support Specialist