Seven Reasons Why Hard of Hearing Need a Support Group

Seven Reasons Why Hard of Hearing Need a Support Group

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Hearing loss is a lonely life. There are not a lot of places one can go to enjoy a nice conversation. We feel isolated by our disability to communicate. Hearing friends don’t understand that following a discussion is difficult.

We have an innate desire to be accepted, to be heard and to understand. There are few social functions that we can feel part of. It is too difficult to explain our hearing loss situation. In most discussions, we are the quiet ones. Not because we are ignorant, but that we cannot follow the flow of a conversation.

We started a support group designed for the hearing impaired, their families and friends. A place where every hard of hearing person is accepted and felt a home in a group situation.

We meet once a month for a potluck dinner. The second Monday of each month has been designated as the HEAR NOW CAFÉ. The time has been set for 6:30 p.m.  The meeting is held in the lower fellowship hall of the Access Church 4064 South Access Road, Chattanooga, TN 37406

The Hear Now Café is wired for hearing with an FM listening device along with the Tele-coil loop system, for those who have hearing aids with “T” switches.

There are seven reasons why hard of hearing friends should attend. It is a place where hearing and hope come together. Help in hearing merge into a happy and delightful group.

  1. A social event for hard of hearing people to enjoy one another
  2. It is a peer support group where we find encouragement without put down
  3. Telling our story brings comfort and solutions
  4. A place where we advocate the help needed without embarrassment
  5. The Café becomes a place of refuge from the outside world
  6. You will meet new friends and build relationships
  7. You will enjoy a unique and warm fellowship

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