Include hard of hearing when planning for church expansion.  Do you want to see an evangelism explosion; plan for a mission outreach to people with hearing loss? Then reach out to the thousands in the community who hunger to hear the Word of God.

Dollar for dollar, reaching the hard of hearing in your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most cost-effective mission work. It is my lifelong passion to help people with special needs such as the hard of hearing to hear the Word of God clearly.

Our goal is to create a ministry in Chattanooga that will reach out to the 67,000 hard of hearing in Hamilton County and the 50 million in America.

Hearing loss is a major health issue in the World and in the U.S. Come and join us. Discover the power of hearing accessibility at the Accessible Church. We are planning an event that will impact hundreds for the Kingdom of God. It will be called the hear now revolution.

We are meeting temporarily at 222 Evening Side Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37404 at 6:30 p.m. each Saturday until we are established. As a team we will begin the ground work of writing a manual on what is a “Hearing Accessible Church” and how to accommodate hard of hearing in every department.

The meeting will be equipped with our FM listening system for you to see, hear and understand everything. Light refreshments will be served. Contact me 423-624-1669 or  Spread the word and tell your friends.


David M. Harrison, Minister of Hearing


Join Our Church Revolution for Hard of Hearing

Join our Church Revolution for Hard of Hearing.  

Church IconStop making resolutions that we soon break, and

start a church revolution that will take…

Help plant a church or place of worship totally hearing accessible for hearing impaired friends to see, hear and understand the Word of God clearly.

The only way this can happen, we (hard of hearing) must unite together and form a coalition to lay the ground work for this important cause.

We call all people who want to be a part of a new hearing accessible church. We will meet in our home on Saturday evenings at 6:30 p.m. to  pray how this church will develop. This will be a work of faith as the Lord draws a charter group of believers who need total hearing accessibility.

This pioneer ministry can help reach 49,000 hard of hearing people in the greater Chattanooga area; most of these friends may not attend a church not hearing accessible. This is where the church revolution begins.

Please join us in this urgently needed mission outreach. We are in the inquiring stage to generate interest. Hearing people are welcome.

David & Cathy Harrison
222 Eveningside Drive  Chattanooga, TN 37404   423-624-1669
P.S. There will be assistive hearing devices available at our home.


Looking back on 2015 and counting our blessings

 David and Cathy Harrison

The New Year approaches. Looking back on 2015 we rejoice in the Lord’s goodness for all the wonderful blessings we experienced. Let me share seven of those blessings.

Our verse for the year: I Corinthians 2:9 “Eye hath not see, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those that love GOD.”

1.     A great highlight: reading aloud through the Bible together.

2.     We taught a Lip Reading course at Chattanooga State Community College. It was the first time lip reading was taught on a college campus anywhere in the U.S.A.

3.     David finished writing a book entitled, “Lord, You Know I Can’t Hear!”, published in August.
4.     We attended a “Cued Speech” language camp for Deaf and hard of hearing, an alternative method to American Sign Language (ASL). Cued Speech can be learned in twenty hours.
5.     July marked the 25th anniversary year of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) signed into law in 1990. The physical handicapped laws made great strides, but the hearing disabled law seeks more progress for fifty million Americans who need hearing accessibility in public places including church.
6.     The seed for a new ministry has been planted in my heart. A dear lady e-mailed me to ask if I conducted a morning worship service for hard of hearing, a church where her Deaf granddaughter could see, hear and understand everything.

My heart was broken because I personally need a church that is completely hearing accessible and prayed for this for nine years. Is God calling me to start such a church in Chattanooga, TN? A totally hearing accessible church in every department, service, and activity for all hearing handicapped people.

7.     The best highlight: a Christmas party for Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults; an amazing event supported with gift cards, toys, food, cookies and music.

In 2016 may the Lord bring you many great blessings.

Happy New Year!

David and Cathy Harrison


deaf boy Dessert table Girl talking with lady ASL Student Erica & Sister Girl with presents Goodie Bags Joy Bell with doll Small boy in blue the four of us The band Toys under the tree

Hearing Loss is a Lonely Life…


      Hearing loss can be a lonely life… “I Love you, because you understand”

because we feel separlonely boy with dog new 3ated from people. Communication is a daily struggle. People get upset with our disability because we can’t hear.

Most children with hearing loss are misunderstood. Understandably it is difficult to know how to communicate with a hard of hearing child.

Too often they experience little more than condescension. Dogs are very caring and understand the disability of a handicap person.

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to help people who have lost hearing and want to regain communication skills through various services.

This year we have selected a group of hard of hearing children for a unique Christmas party along with their families.  It is our turn to show them that we care and understand.

Help us say: “We love you because we understand.” Some of these children are from single parent families.

We have set a goal of 100 donors for this season. Join us in making this a memorable evening.


These children will remember your loving kindness for a very long time.
Send a generous gift today. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Make your donation out today.


  Hearing loss can be a lonely life… “I Love you, because you understand”

Thank you for caring.

P.S. For your donation, you will receive a free copy of my latest book, “Lord, You Know I Can’t Hear!” Solutions for people with hearing loss. Your donation is tax deductible under our 501(c) (3).

David M. Harrison, a Caring Hearing Loss Specialist


Build a church with fire for hearing impaired?

Build a church with fire for hearing impaired?


I am driven to build a church with fire for hearing impaired. The idea of starting a special needs church never entered my mind. Me? Start a church? For the last seven years I have visited many churches and tried to get one to become totally hearing accessible.

A church with an FM system or a sign interpreter in the main service is not a fully hearing accessible church for hearing impaired.  Every program, activity and function needs to be hearing accessible to accommodate hearing impaired.

I have been so burdened about this and yet I am getting nowhere. Then I received a phone call from a grandmother who was deeply concerned about her profoundly hard of hearing granddaughter. Where can she attend church and be accepted? Her plea inspired me and broke my heart to find a solution.

I began to weep over this situation until God spoke to me about becoming the answer to my own prayer. Create and start your own church. Who me? I realized that if we are ever going to have a total hearing accessible church, we must create it ourselves. A church that accommodates hearing impaired in every department.

My prayer to God was, “If you want me to build and start a special needs church, it must be by fire and not by the flesh.” I was shocked when those words came out of my mouth, they began to burn in my heart.

In Matthew 3:11, John the Baptist said, “He that comes after me…He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire.”

The word “fire” intrigued me and I wanted to know what it meant. This word fire is not some spooky or mystical word, but it is very meaningful. According to my 1909 New International Webster’s dictionary ‘fire’ has several powerful definitions:

·       To stimulate, to kindle, arouse, to activate or ‘dynamize’ into action.

·       It is a term of impassion, to be filled with passion or to arouse with passion, the power to stir man’s spirit.

·       It is a state of excitement or enthusiasm about a project or event.

·       It is a heavenly holy unction or a revival fire-like spirit that cannot be explained.

Once you hear about the new hearing accessible church it will spark a fire within you. The news will spread like wildfire. You have got to come and see this thing develop. Tell everybody you know who has a hearing loss that there is hope for them. There are 40 thousand hearing impaired people in Hamilton County. This means that every neighborhood has someone with a hearing loss.

This is what the Fire means…It is from God. Come, let us build a church with fire together.
Write me if you are interested. When enough interested people sign up, I will call for a meeting for prayer and discussion. We do not have a building or site for one. Register on my special Hear Now Church mailing list.  


Pray if it is to be, it must be by fire!

Until the Fire falls, LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison

Start a church for hearing impaired in Chattanooga?

Church Icon      ?????????????

Start a church for hearing impaired in Chattanooga?

In 2010 I pondered the thought of starting a church that is totally hearing accessible for the hearing impaired. It was my plan to start it under the leadership of another church, but it never materialized.

On Oct. 1, 2015 I received an Email from a very concerned grandmother whose granddaughter is profoundly hard of hearing. She asked me if we had a Sunday morning worship service. “My granddaughter, Katie, does not fit in well with any church. What do you recommend?” In a sad voice I declared, “There are no churches that are fully hearing accessible anywhere.”

My heart broke when I realized what was happening. Many Christian hard of hearing friends in Chattanooga who seek the same thing that I long for; a total hearing accessible church. With tears in my eyes, I asked the Lord, “Should I be the one to organize the first total hearing accessible church?”

That evening in my prayer time, I cried for more than two hours uncontrollably. I surrendered my will to God to plant a new church for the hearing impaired. My prayer to the Lord was, “If you want me to start a church; it must be by fire! It must be the work and leadership of the Holy Spirit and not mine.”

In Hamilton County there are more than 40,000 people who have mild to moderate hearing loss and could greatly benefit from a church where they worship and hear the Word of God clearly. Over 90% of these people may not attend church because they cannot hear.

The hearing impaired group is a massive mission field that can no longer be ignored or overlooked.  On behalf of those Christians who are still seeking for a place to belong, let me sympathize with you: Are tired of being left out and missing most of the message you came to hear?  Are you tired of being ridiculed and laughed at because we can’t hear?  Are you tired of begging and asking people to repeat words? Are tired of coming to church hungry inspirit and leaving empty?

Friend of mine, I want to rise up and begin a campaign to start a special church to accommodate all people with hearing loss. It is time to initiate a new concept of a mission church designated for the hearing impaired. It must be a church that cares and understands the need to hear the Word of God clearly.

Will you join me to make this church a reality? I am asking that you to share with me your interest in this new church concept by dropping me a note. Let us plan a meeting to explore the idea this mission.  In the next few weeks I will call for a special planning meeting.

By fire alone!

David M. Harrison, a caring hearing loss support specialist

Drop me a note: