My Search for Hearing led me to a Cochlear Implant

My search for personal hearing led me to a Cochlear Implant (CI).   Hearing for the first time with my new Advance Bionic Naida CI Q90 cochlear implant felt overwhelming to me. This new technology has definitely improved my life.

Along with the implant, I received a Phonak companion hearing aid in the left ear. This is called bimodal technology for streaming media simultaneously to both ears. I hear in stereo when talking on the phone.

The AB manual states, “Using state-of –the-art technology, a cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of an ear and sends electrical signals directly to the brain via the hearing nerve. Cochlear implants are currently the only medical technology able to functionally restore one of the five senses, which is why many physicians refer to cochlear implants as ‘technological miracles.’”

You can watch how this operation was performed. Warning! This video is graphic. Please be advised. The surgery was done in a couple of hours.

The healing process made me sleep a lot. On January 5, 2017 I was hooked up with the processor after several hours of programing the unit for me. Adapting to and identifying sounds I never heard before presented an exciting challenge. Beeps of all kinds, turn signals, water running, birds chirping, and the hum of the refrigerator just to name a few sounds I heard.

The cochlear implant is for people who can’t hear well enough with hearing aids. There are three companies that produce these implants and processors. Insurance may pay for the surgery and an implant, depending on the type of health insurance you carry.

If you are suffering from hearing loss and need greater help, check with your ENT doctor for an evaluation.

Until the Trumpet Sounds: LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison, Advocate for Hearing Accessibility


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