Lord, You Know I Can’t Hear!

This book is about people searching desperately for solutions to their hearing loss.

I share my story and that of hearing impaired friends.

Anyone with hearing loss realizes there is no cure…

Only strategies to hear smarter by improving communication skills.

Our book offers several unique solutions not found anywhere else:

  1.          1.  The “Magic Hearing Button Method”™

          2.  Discover your “hearing bubble”

          3.  Teach yourself to read lips

         4.  Become an advocate for hearing loss


         5.  Find technology that works for you

            6.  Organize a community of peer supporters

           7.   Make public venues hearing accessible

         8.  Announce your hearing loss publicly

         9.  Establish hearing centers in places of worship

     10. Develop alternative methods of communication


Order your copy today: $14.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $19.95

(Books ordered from our office will include a free set of Magic Hearing Buttons).

Make a check out to Let My People Hear, Inc. P.O. BOX 3021 CHATTANOOGA, TN 37404 or pay online with PayPal.


Order includes two MAGIC HEARING BUTTONS:      Button 2

Contact: letmypeoplehear@yahoo.com

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