Hearing Loss is a Lonely Life…


      Hearing loss can be a lonely life… “I Love you, because you understand”

because we feel separlonely boy with dog new 3ated from people. Communication is a daily struggle. People get upset with our disability because we can’t hear.

Most children with hearing loss are misunderstood. Understandably it is difficult to know how to communicate with a hard of hearing child.

Too often they experience little more than condescension. Dogs are very caring and understand the disability of a handicap person.

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to help people who have lost hearing and want to regain communication skills through various services.

This year we have selected a group of hard of hearing children for a unique Christmas party along with their families.  It is our turn to show them that we care and understand.

Help us say: “We love you because we understand.” Some of these children are from single parent families.

We have set a goal of 100 donors for this season. Join us in making this a memorable evening.


These children will remember your loving kindness for a very long time.
Send a generous gift today. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Make your donation out today.


  Hearing loss can be a lonely life… “I Love you, because you understand”

Thank you for caring.

P.S. For your donation, you will receive a free copy of my latest book, “Lord, You Know I Can’t Hear!” Solutions for people with hearing loss. Your donation is tax deductible under our 501(c) (3).

David M. Harrison, a Caring Hearing Loss Specialist