Hearing Loss Institute


 The key to a holistic approach to your hearing loss “is based on the fundamental beliefs that unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer, and perceived loss of love is our greatest health risk.” (Robert S. Ivker, D.O.)

    David M. Harrison, a hearing loss health care provider, will conduct a holistic workshop…

Hearing loss affects the mind, body and soul and must be dealt with by a holistic approach called aural rehabilitation.           This approach helps you adjust to your hearing loss. There are several ways this can be done:

  • Understand your own personal hearing loss and how it impacts your social, mental, physical and spiritual life.
  • Explore methods of assistive hearing technologies that can improve your communication skills.
  • Learn alternative listening and communication strategies.
  • Deal with emotional aspects of your hearing loss through peer group counseling.
  • Help restore relationships in marriage, family, social settings, in the workplace and church.
  • Our goal is to reduce your frustration and isolation caused by hearing impairment.The Hearing Loss Rehab Institute will be held (TBA)
  •  The cost is …. per person. If  you register before ….. the early bird fee is …. You can register by calling at 423-624-1669.Online go to: letmypeoplehear.com and click on events to register. Bring your own lunch or order a lunch online for $10.00. Drinks and snacks provided.Mr. Harrison is the author of “Lord You Know I Can’t Hear!” and the creator of the Magic Hearing Button method  of communication. He is the founder and director of “Let My People Hear, Inc. a non-profit organization, an advocate mission for hearing accessibility in the house of worship and public venues.
    This workshop will be hearing accessible equipped with our FM listening devices for you to see, hear and understand everything. A hearing accessible event.

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    A Hearing Accessible Event

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