Disability Rights for Hard of Hearing

The Right to Hear
                The Right to Hear

Recently, I attended a meeting with the ‘Disability Rights TN.’ The room was filled predominantly with deaf people who spoke Sign Language, to learn about disability rights in the workplace.

These dear people suffer discrimination a lot on the job. Their frustrations were aired out before a disability rights attorney. There are a number of good organizations that serve the rights of the deaf community.

The total deaf community in the U.S. is about 2% of the hard of hearing community, which is estimated at 50 million.

I have yet to find an advocacy group or organization to promote hearing accessibility in the church. Therefore, I have decided to do something about this human rights issue mentioned in the American Disability Act, of 1990 (ADA).

The church is exempt from the ADA law, but this does not excuse them from practicing reasonable accommodation for hard of hearing. Once you deny one hard of hearing person from your assembly, you have excluded them all. It like saying, “Hard of Hearing people are not welcome in our church.”

I am on a goodwill mission to help people with hearing disabilities to be included in all church activities, not just in the main sanctuary.

We are forming our own Christian hearing loss disabilities’ organization called, The “Rights to Hear” in the church. I am tired of not being able to hear in the classroom, prayer meeting, and other activities.


It is my dream to conduct a “Right to Hear” conference in Chattanooga, TN sometime in July of 2019. It is time that we as hard of hearing united together and make our voice heard in the church.

Add your name to the “Right to Hear” list today and write a comment of your frustration you experience in the church.