A Christmas Miracle for deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

In 2015, the Lord laid on my heart to conduct a Christmas party for deaf and hard of hearing children as a mission project. We picked a date, but how will we fund it? Where will get toys and food for such an event? Where will this event take place?

In 2006 we began reaching out to hard of hearing people by organizing a non-profit mission (Let My People Hear). We opened up a Lip Reading Academy for helping hard of hearing people deal with hearing loss. Classes have been small due to expense for advertising. Our training extended into assistive living homes and senior gatherings. Later on we began a monthly support group for hard of hearing (Hear Now Café).

Our small group was meeting in a fellowship hall of a small congregation. Our meetings were on the second Monday of each month. We sent letters and made visits to find children we could invite.

We met on the second Monday of November to finalize our plans. We were shocked to see that the fellowship hall was stripped of all the things needed to have a party: tables, chairs, dishes, utensils, etc.  All I could say, “Praise the Lord, God is up to something big! He is in control.”

The buildings were handed over to a new congregation who were not told about our meeting. After locating the office of this group, I went to talk with the associate pastor, I shared my passion of preparing a Christmas party for the deaf and hard of hearing children.

The associate pastor was moved with my plea to find a solution for our mission outreach. Before the meeting was over, he said: 1) We will decorate the hall for your party, 2) we will set up the tables. 3) Tell us what you want on the menu, we will cook it at home and serve it to you.

We were strangers to them and they took us in. The miracle does not stop there. Where am I going to get toys on a very small shoe-string budget, without any shoestring?  While visiting a Christmas sale at the convention center, the Lord impressed me to ask venders to donate gifts for the children. We left the place with six shopping bags full of gifts one week before the party. Several bakeries pledged to donate cakes and cookies. God is up to something big.

People responded with gift cards to give to each family.

That is not the end of the story. There was a mission group close by who collected toys to forgotten children. As a non-profit mission we were qualified to receive toys. All they needed was a list of each child by name, age, and gender. We were overwhelmed with God’s goodness and love.

This blessing was repeated even greater in another church hall in 2016. Next year 2017, we want to organize and raise funds to help more families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

Our goal is to plan a banquet to raise funds to serve needy families of handicap children. Our theme for the last two years was, “Hearing Loss is a lonely life, and we love you because we understand.”

David M. Harrison, Advocate for Hearing Accessibility



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