A Hear Now Invitation from Pastor Ken

Baptist Church 4501 Bonny Oaks Drive,                                                                                          Chattanooga, TN 37421

Dear Friend,

Do you or someone you know suffer hearing loss?  We at Oakwood Baptist Church have set up a hearing center with an FM listening system.

This system also includes the wire loop for hearing aids with “T” coils in them.

We are creating a friendly hearing accessible atmosphere for everyone to hear clearly the Word of God.

Your hearing loss is very important to us and we care about your need to hear. You will not be the only one, you will be among others who suffer hearing loss.

Bring your cares to us for prayer and assistance. We know what you are going through and want to help. Our people are very friendly and caring. Many of them understand the struggle to hear in church.

Make a visit Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and ask any usher to direct you to the “Hearing Center.” Pick out a hearing unit and an ear piece then sit anywhere in the church.
Join us on Wednesday at 6:05 p.m. for the Hear Now Support class/group for hard of hearing and families. Learn how to deal with hearing loss. Develop coping skills to improve communication.
We will take time to pray with you over your hearing needs.

You will be among others who suffer hearing loss.  Whole families are welcome.

Invite your friends and join us Sunday.

Pastor Ken Clark



WHAT: A Christ-centered nine-step weekly Hear Now class will be conducted by David M. Harrison.  This is a peer support group, offered for hard of hearing, late deafened, friends with cochlear or Baha implants and their families.

WHEN: The Hear Now step by step series will be taught each Wednesday,  at 6:05 p.m.

WHERE: The Hear Now event will be held in the adult classroom on the ground floor at the Oakwood Baptist Church, 4501 Bonny Oaks Drive, Chattanooga TN 37414.  The building is wheelchair accessible.

WHY: Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic health condition. They are the largest special needs population with serious quality-of-life and accessibility issues according to the World Health Organization. (WHO)

The Hear Now class has been established to help encourage those with hearing loss. Meet new friends, connect with others, share experiences, and get tips from experts.

This event is hearing accessible and equipped with the FM hearing devices and the Tele-coil loop system for those with “T” coils in their hearing aids. You will be able to see, hear and understand everything.

The Hear Now Class is a community service offering a range of talks and discussions on strategies and techniques to enable people living with hearing loss to feel independent and more self-confident.

Once a person gets a hearing aid there is still a need to learn how to best benefit from it. Join our caring support group that understands your situation. Learn how to deal with hearing loss and develop skills to improve communication.

Friends are encouraged to share their own story and bring requests to pray over your hearing needs.

HOW MUCH? The series of training is free

For more information visit: LetMyPeopleHear.com or call 423-624-1669

Come and join the most hearing friendly event in town.


Billy Graham before a large audience
Billy Graham Preaching

My Hour of Decision
by Cathy Hart Harrison

On Sunday evenings, in the summer of 1951, mom turned on Dad’s bedside radio and we kids stretched out beside her on their big bed.

The voice of the excited host, Cliff Barrows came over the airwaves: “It’s time for The Hour of Decision with Evangelist Billy Graham. Stay tuned for our timely message from the Word of God. Get a blessing as our baritone soloist George Beverly Shea sings your favorite hymns!

Great hymns like The Old Rugged Cross, Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine, and How great Thou Art, laid the foundation for the most important decision that I, 11-year-old Catherine, would make in my entire lifetime. The evangelist’s familiar voice boomed over the airwaves. His sense of urgency impressed me as he spoke.

“Our world is filled with troubles: war, famine, floods, and earthquakes! How can we find hope for the future? Sin and wickedness abounds everywhere. We have lost our moral compass.

We have gone our own way and made a mess of our lives. The greatest spiritual need of man is forgiveness of sin. We need a transformation of the human heart.

Jesus wants to fill you with His love, peace and joy, which is why He came into the world. God proved His love on the cross where Christ hung, bled, and died. It was God saying, ‘I love you’.

God’s Word declares that Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, is ‘the way, the truth, and the life’, according to the Gospel of John.

Ask God to forgive your sins, the wrong things you have done, cleanse your heart, and make you His child. Make this your hour of decision because tomorrow may be too late!


As you hear the closing hymn, I’m going to ask you to come forward and receive Christ as your Savior.  You can receive Christ into your heart while listening to the radio wherever you are. Do it today.”

Later that same night, I could not fall asleep… Read the rest of the story.

Hearing Loss is a Mission Field for Evangelism

Hearing loss is a mission field for evangelism.

What will it take for the church family to realize that people with hearing loss comprise one of these largest untapped mission fields in America?

More than 50 million Americans suffer mild to moderate hearing loss. This number is rapidly moving up to 100 million due to self-inflicted hearing loss. Only 2% of these people are full deaf and speak sign language.

90% of the hearing loss population may not attend church for one reason. The church is not hearing accessible for them to hear the Word of God clearly.

Some pastors will exclaim, “We have assistive listening devices in our church but no one uses them.” Great! How much advertising do you do to promote the listening system? Does the public know about it? Do visitors know where to go to get a listening unit? Is the listening system active and functioning?

Are your Bible study and prayer groups hearing accessible? These are critical issues to consider if you want to reach the friends with hearing loss with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Becoming a hearing accessible church is the most cost effective way to create a revival spirit of evangelism in the community.

You do not have to learn a new language; just make a few adjustment in attitude and willingness to minister to those with hearing loss. A number of them are already members of your church who have dropped out because of hearing loss.

There are many friends with hearing loss outside your church door waiting to be invited in to hear the Gospel. They will listen, believe and be saved if they can hear with the assistive listening devices. This is a massive untapped mission field waiting to be harvested. Let us begin the work while it is still day.

Until the Trumpet Sounds: LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison, Advocate for Hearing Accessibility

The Desire to Hear In Church

Your dream as a hard of hearing person is to hear and understand the message in church. You get tired of asking people to repeat facts that you missed.

In church you can’t understand much of the message, so you move toward the back of the congregation. You struggle to hear, and your hearing aids are not picking up the sound.

You feel frustrated and discouraged with sadness in your heart. You want to enjoy the sermon, but how can that happen? Where do I find a solution for my disability?

Complaining to your spouse or family members just leads to arguments and put downs. You need help to solve this problem. Should I purchase another hearing aid at a higher price? You don’t know where to go for help to find a solution for your hearing dilemma.

It hurts when you can’t hear what’s going on. You want to laugh with the audience when a joke is told without asking someone to interpret or repeat the punch line.

You ponder the thought of dropping out church and watching a service on TV. That is not the same as a live service with friendly people. Isolation is not a solution for any hard of hearing person. You deserve better than that: A hearing accessible ministry which offers assistive listening devices for anyone in need. There are other options that work for you.

Don’t let your dream die or give up hope. You will be able to hear the word of God.

Imagine yourself being able to hear and understand everything with confidence. Let My People Hear is in the ministry of establishing hearing centers in local churches for hard of hearing people.

We are working on a series of blog posts that deal specifically with making the church hearing accessible. There is hope for you. Stay tuned and learn.

Make hearing accessibility a matter of prayer for the millions who are hard of hearing. It is a vast mission field that needs help to hear.

Until the Trumpet Sounds: LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison, Advocate for Hearing Accessibility

Midnight Conversion

prayer-401401_1280My life was transformed at the stroke of midnight on December, 31, 1957. I was twenty years old and searching for meaning in my life. My twin brother Don, home from army duty and a new believer in Christ, urged me to attend a New Year’s Eve service at a church he found.

The Riverview Baptist Church on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Paul Minnesota planned a special time of sharing, singing, fellowship and refreshments. The sharing time was filled with testimonies of God’s blessings, healing and provisions of the past year.

Testimonies and stories were filled with excitement. God had blessed many families in the church. My heart pounded within me and I longed to have what they had.

A sixty year old man named Rueben, stood to his feet and said, “fifty years ago to night I attended the service in this church. I heard the testimonies and stories but I did not become a Christian. No one ever told me. My father and I left the church at midnight to walk home across the open field. The full moon was brightly shining on five inches of fresh snow.”

God worked in Rueben’s heart, and he cried out to his father, “I want Jesus to come into my heart.” They stopped and the father questioned him about who Jesus is and what He has done on the Cross to bring salvation to the world. “Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and came into the world to save you?” he questioned. The boy responded yes. “Are you willing to confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him cleanse you with His blood that was shed on the Cross?”

In simple faith, ten year old Rueben knelt in the snow and invited Jesus into his heart and life at that midnight hour.

To conclude the service, the pastor invited everyone in the group to pray the New Year in. I panicked and wanted to get out of there.  I had never prayed before and had no idea what to say.  The people on both sides of me had placed their heads on the pews in front of them. There was no way for me to leave, all I could do was hang my head in shame for my sinful past. Tears of remorse dripped on my shoes. My only prayer was, “I want the joy that these people have. I want Jesus in my heart.”

At that moment a flood of joy and peace filled my soul. My life was changed forever. I heard a voice say to me, “Full time Christian Service,” my call to ministry. I recall talking to Jesus and asked, “What do I do with my sins?” His reply was, “Give them to me, I paid for them with my blood on the cross.”

I began the New Year with new life in Christ and a real sense of purpose.

“I’ve found a Friend who is all to me,
 His love is ever true; I to tell how He lifted me 
 and what His grace can do for you.
 Saved by His power divine,
 Saved to new life subline!
 Life now is sweet and my joy is complete,
 for I’m saved, saved, saved!”
  Jack P. Schofield, 1882