Build a church with fire for hearing impaired?

Build a church with fire for hearing impaired?


I am driven to build a church with fire for hearing impaired. The idea of starting a special needs church never entered my mind. Me? Start a church? For the last seven years I have visited many churches and tried to get one to become totally hearing accessible.

A church with an FM system or a sign interpreter in the main service is not a fully hearing accessible church for hearing impaired.  Every program, activity and function needs to be hearing accessible to accommodate hearing impaired.

I have been so burdened about this and yet I am getting nowhere. Then I received a phone call from a grandmother who was deeply concerned about her profoundly hard of hearing granddaughter. Where can she attend church and be accepted? Her plea inspired me and broke my heart to find a solution.

I began to weep over this situation until God spoke to me about becoming the answer to my own prayer. Create and start your own church. Who me? I realized that if we are ever going to have a total hearing accessible church, we must create it ourselves. A church that accommodates hearing impaired in every department.

My prayer to God was, “If you want me to build and start a special needs church, it must be by fire and not by the flesh.” I was shocked when those words came out of my mouth, they began to burn in my heart.

In Matthew 3:11, John the Baptist said, “He that comes after me…He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire.”

The word “fire” intrigued me and I wanted to know what it meant. This word fire is not some spooky or mystical word, but it is very meaningful. According to my 1909 New International Webster’s dictionary ‘fire’ has several powerful definitions:

·       To stimulate, to kindle, arouse, to activate or ‘dynamize’ into action.

·       It is a term of impassion, to be filled with passion or to arouse with passion, the power to stir man’s spirit.

·       It is a state of excitement or enthusiasm about a project or event.

·       It is a heavenly holy unction or a revival fire-like spirit that cannot be explained.

Once you hear about the new hearing accessible church it will spark a fire within you. The news will spread like wildfire. You have got to come and see this thing develop. Tell everybody you know who has a hearing loss that there is hope for them. There are 40 thousand hearing impaired people in Hamilton County. This means that every neighborhood has someone with a hearing loss.

This is what the Fire means…It is from God. Come, let us build a church with fire together.
Write me if you are interested. When enough interested people sign up, I will call for a meeting for prayer and discussion. We do not have a building or site for one. Register on my special Hear Now Church mailing list.  


Pray if it is to be, it must be by fire!

Until the Fire falls, LET MY PEOPLE HEAR!

David M. Harrison