Book Signing Event

Book signing Event!

David M. Harrison, Founder of Let My People Hear ministry, will have a book signing event releasing his latest book: Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing.

The Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing is a guideline that recognizes the unique communication needs of the hearing impaired in the church. It includes twenty-one ways to communicate with hard of hearing without hearing aids.

The book is a Christian Declaration of human rights to hear the Word of God clearly in the house of worship. It is urgent that the church make changes to accommodate hard of hearing.

The event will take place at the Oakwood Baptist Church 4501 Bonny Oaks Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416, on  Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the fellowship hall.

Come and get an autographed copy of this book at the standard price. We can take major credit cards, checks, and cash. A free book will be given to the senior pastor of a church who attends the event.

No hard of hearing person should be deprived of hearing the Word of God in the House of God. Hearing loss is an International Human Rights and health issue.

David M. Harrison was born profoundly hard of hearing and is dependent on lip reading. After semi-retiring, he felt that life was over and dropped out of the church because it was not hearing accessible.

Pondering his future, in 2006, he began 14 days of prayer and fasting. God opened the way for him for training to become a Hearing Loss Support Specialist and later found the Lip Reading Academy. He wrote the book: Lord You Know I Can’t Hear in 2015.

While teaching at the Academy for ten years, many students complained that the church was not accessible for hard of hearing. He knew that the book: “Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing” had to be written.

It is a disgrace and a shameful thing to be disabled with a hearing loss and feels ignored.

The problem is not with the hard of hearing who want to hear in church. The problem is with the hearing members who will not listen or offer reasonable accommodations.

He is calling all hard of hearing friends unite together with him to ban all forms of discrimination in public venues and houses of worship.

Our cry is to hear the Word of God.

  • We want to be included in the sanctuary, classroom, business session, fellowship time and prayer meeting.
  • To be accepted as human beings as one of God’s creation
  • Exclusion and rejection is not the solution for hard of hearing
  • To be a part of the body of Christ with dignity and rights
  • To advocate for hearing accessibility for all to hear
  • Hearing loss is the largest untapped mission field in America.

Contact Mr. Harrison at 423-313-0304 or