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2013-10-28 12_13_08-DMHarrison - Gravatar ProfileDavid M. Harrison, an ordained minister, was born hard of hearing and struggled to hear all his life. He became discouraged when he could not find a church that was hearing accessible for hard of hearing people.

In January of 2006, Harrison went on a fourteen day fast and prayer time to solve the dilemma of hearing. The Lord revealed to him that the 36 million deaf people in America were not all deaf. These figures included all degrees of hearing loss, including babies.

While researching the subject of hearing loss, a website popped up that changed the course of his life. It was the website of “The American Academy for Hearing Loss Support Specialists”. It was an academic on-line study on helping others cope with hearing loss. He and his wife, Cathy, a retired nurse, took the lessons together.

In 2007, Harrison founded the Lip Reading Academy to help hard of hearing people in social and conversational skills. Over 100 students have attended the classes.

In the mean time the Harrisons have visited more than 450 churches meeting with the hard of hearing and looking for a place that was hearing accessible. After hearing many stories of struggling to hear, two more things had to happen.

• Start a church or ministry designed for hearing accessibility.

• Create a fellowship or support group for hard of hearing

The dream began in January 2006, and grew. He says, “A dream is an opportunity to do the impossible. Persistence makes the impossible possible. Once a dream has been planted in your heart, it has no expiration date.”

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