Is Your Hearing Loss Subject to Stigmatization?

Hearing loss is one of many health conditions subject to stigmatization. Because we have difficulty communicating: therefore it is surmised that we must be subnormal or have a lower I.Q. Social stigma is a severe social disapproval of or personal … Continue reading

Report on the Hear Now Cafe

          To stay informed,   Sign up for our Email Newsletter Communication is one of the most important social parts of our lives. When communication becomes difficult we hard of hearing people tend to isolate ourselves from social situations. The hardest … Continue reading

8 Warnings About Those Invisable Hearing Aids

                              To stay informed,   Sign up for our Email Newsletter On the TODAY Show, Matt Lauer recently discussed the issue of hearing loss, a critical health concern that is under-recognized and under-reported. The Matt Lauer show featured a thirty-nine year … Continue reading

Seven Things for Hard of Hearing to Pray About

                                                                                   We are calling a state of emergency for prayer for revival. Our churches are cold, many Christians have lost touch with God, sin has crept into our churches and families are falling apart. People are hurting and need a miracle … Continue reading